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Home Office Opens a New World

9 February 2021

Hybrid and mobile working are hot topics at the moment. Both require digital end-user devices. Without them, flexible office activities would be impossible. With the new JUNG SCHUKO® sockets with USB connections, the batteries for those devices can now be quickly recharged. 


The last few months have significantly accelerated the development of office work environments. The importance of the actual office as a place of communication and social meeting place has – for some, contrary to expectations – even increased at the same time as the home office has come into focus. The requirements for both places of work have radically altered. While on-site concepts are evolving based on the findings from the Corona pandemic and must now guarantee workplaces with adequate physical distancing, the challenge for the design of the home office is to embed technical solutions in a practical but inconspicuous way into the other home furnishings. In both cases, something as seemingly mundane as a multifunctional USB socket can actually have a major impact on the quality of the workplace. Embedded in furniture, it is the ideal equipment for room-in-room concepts or private living-room work zones.


Switches, sockets and USB ports in LS ZERO can be integrated into both walls and furniture. 


The new JUNG SCHUKO® sockets with USB charging have multiple purposes. It makes sense to install the integrated USB ports type A and/or C wherever many devices – smartphones, tablet etc. – need to be supplied with power quickly and sometimes simultaneously, making them ideal for both home and office use. The version with JUNG Quick Charge® has either a single-USB-A or USB-C connection and provides an electrical output of 18 watts, which means that a new iPhone is fully charged in just 105 minutes.



The integrated USB ports type A and C are useful where many devices need to be supplied with power quickly and sometimes simultaneously.

There are many possibilities when it comes to design creativity: The sockets can be integrated into the JUNG A and LS frame series, which include a versatile selection of designs and colours. New matt surfaces in graphite black and snow white give the frames and covers a modern, reduced and velvety-warm appearance thanks to their special matt finish. With LS ZERO, for example, they can also be cleverly and elegantly flush-mounted in furniture.



Pure black as a statement: The JUNG SCHUKO® socket with a USB charger in graphite black is both impressive and scene-setting.


The JUNG SCHUKO® socket with USB port is a progressive addition to the equipment of modern office working worlds – both in the office and the home office.

Credits for all the pictures: © JUNG

Main picture: © Constantin Meyer, Cologne 

Home Office Opens a New World
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