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Discrete Shading, a Challenge

9 February 2021

Close House is a listed former mansion house set in the grounds of a luxury golf club in Newcastle upon Tyne. Since 2000, it operated as a hotel and a wedding venue before being transformed into a family home. This project focused on the Garden Room and was executed in cooperation with Doonan Architects. Attention to detail was imperative with the challenge to install the blinds as discretely as possible.



Any installation of solar shading is an investment in improved comfort. Close House is a great example of how comfort and shading can come together. The electric side window and doors were fitted with motorised roller blinds and are operated by the Silent Gliss remote control system. By using this remote control system, the user can operate the system simultaneously in groups. These motorised roller blinds were installed in a recessed channel up above the ceiling level to ensure the blinds were hidden when not in use.


The Garden Room, where both the window and doors are fitted with motorised roller blinds. 


One must also consider the amount of light and energy that passes through. At Close House, recess and custom coloured profiles were specified to enable the wintergarden systems SG 2195 to fit close to the walls and minimise light ingress. More colourful and dense fabrics may be less transparent, decreasing the amount of light that enters the room, but would also have an effect on how the room is perceived.

Recess and custom coloured profiles were selected to minimise the light ingress.

Fire retardant fabric

For both private and public installations a fire retardant fabric must also be selected. At Close House, Colorama 2 fabric was selected as the wide colour range.  A fabric that could blend in seamlessly with the interior decor.


Colorama 2 fabric was selected as the wide colour range.


Fulfilling the requirements for an environmentally friendly Label such as the Oeko-Tex as well as being washable are other important factors.


Credits for all the pictures: Andrew Hepinstall

Discrete Shading, a Challenge
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