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Breathing Walls Demythified

9 March 2021

As humans, we spend a large part of our lives indoors; whether we’re having an evening at home with friends and family, spending five days a week in the workplace, or going to a restaurant. Spending the large majority of our time within the confines of our home is something that has become the norm rather than the exception the past year.


Spending time indoors often means time with no direct access to fresh air, surrounded by an array of physical matter from furniture to electronic appliances to the paint on our walls—all containing elements of volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs. VOCs are the gases that are emitted into the air as a bi-product of the mere existence of such items. Some of those VOC gases can be harmful and some can even cause cancer.


Adfors’ breathing wallcoverings can be used for both commercial purposes as well as private homes.

We often find ourselves thinking about what which room colour would make us the happiest, which sofa we find the most comfortable or which window will bring the most natural light into a space. However, we also need to become more mindful of how the elements by which we surrounded ourselves with, can impact our daily wellbeing.

Different finishes and colours can be employed to express the identity of a project while also improving its indoor climate.

Therefore, it should be our goal to lower the amount of VOCs present in the spaces that we inhabit. Novelio Nature by Adfors is proof that this is possible since this wallcovering removes formaldehyde, one of the most well-known of the VOCs, within the space for at least 10 years after its application. Being a breathable product, Novelio Nature allows the walls to breathe so that no moisture can be caught between the wall and its wallcovering. Novelio Nature is made from natural materials such as sand and potatoes combined with a fiberglass coating for an entirely PVC-free wallcovering.


Created using the inherent resources of our planet, based on natural substances.

There is of course a reason why Saint-Gobain Adfors chose to create fiberglass based wallcoverings: we all know that glass is a strong, durable and natural material. Once melted down to thin fibres, most of characteristics of glass- except for the fragility- are preserved. Glass fibres are then woven into different structures, creating wallcoverings that are able to breathe, protect from mould, resistant to temperature changes, physical damage, chemical substances.


The Novelio Nature wallcoverings are made of non-toxic material. Oeko-Tex 100 certification guarantees the use of substances that are not harmful to one’s health or to the environment.

If you want to redecorate or would like a new wall colour, the same functionality of the fiberglass based wallcoverings will be reached. You can apply a strip of new wallcovering directly on top of the existing one, paint over it with the new colour, or even remove the old wallcovering without using water.

Written by Nikolaj Hansson

Credits for all the pictures: © Adfors

Breathing Walls Demythified
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