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Four Ways to Turn the Noise off


23 August 2022

The chatter of co-workers. The chugging and whirring of the office printer. Cell phones vibrating on vacant desks. Office noises can make you stressed and unhappy. Luckily, Rockfon now introduces four innovative solutions to capture unwanted noise.

Good acoustics. At best it used to be just another box for designers and interior architects to tick off. The solutions were usually standardized fare: Rigid, grey and uninspiring.


Many still seem to believe that peace and quiet comes at the expense of flexibility. Rockfon, with six decades of experience in acoustics, is reimagining the workplace as a tranquil, stimulating and organic place, with flexible zones where people can think, talk, or work in peace, while maintaining a flexible, functioning open-plan office.


The Danish company is now launching a new range of acoustic design solutions to make the office a more calm and creative place for us.


Rockfon Canva combines art with state-of-the-art acoustics.


Rockfon Canva

These modular panels can be suspended from the ceiling, mounted on the wall or placed on the floor, to accommodate a wide range of functions in the workplace. They marry powerful acoustic attributes to bold contemporary artwork. Rockfon has worked closely with Danish design company Akuart to bring inspirational art into the office.


Rockfon Canva offers unlimited design options. Customers can use the “Colours of Wellbeing” palette or customize their own design. The detachable canvases can be changed to refresh the look, and can be dusted, vacuumed and are even machine-washable. 


Elegant wood veneers and good sound absorption in the meeting room with Rockford Lamella.


Rockfon Lamella

Humans, like all creatures, are meant to be outdoors. Still we spend 90 percent of our time indoors. This is why Rockfon wants to bring nature into the office space. The modular Rockfon Lamella combines the acoustic properties of stone-wool with aesthetically pleasing wood veneers.


The veneers come in warm golden, cool blonde and earthy dark oak, and are available in different widths and depths. Within a standard wall module lie a stunning 650,000 design combinations, meaning no installation need look the same. 


Bring nature into your work space with Rockfon Senses.


Rockfon Senses

If you want to bring even more nature into the office, look no further than Rockfon Senses. Together with Austrian innovators Organoid Technologies, Rockfon has created a unique and beautiful acoustic product that brings biophilic design to indoor spaces.


The wall panels come in five inviting natural surfaces made from dried flowers and plants, and can be installed in a matter of minutes.


Create stimulating spaces for collaboration in every shape and colour. 


Rockfon Eclipse Customised

In modern workplaces, multi-purpose zones are important to give people spaces to collaborate. They can also be an unwanted distraction for people who are trying to concentrate. The Rockfon Eclipse Customised concept combines best-in-class sound absorption with a highly flexible modular solution to create acoustic islands in the workplace.


Designs can be created using every imaginable shape and colour combination in order to energize, focus, relax or inspire your co-workers. Quick and easy installation brings character and acoustic harmony to your open-plan office.


With workers returning from the pandemic and the wheels of business turning once again, why not modernize the way we are working and interacting? Rockfon is determined to keep on creating acoustic solutions to improve performances and increase efficiency for businesses far and wide.


All pictures: © Rockfon 

Written by Henning Prytz Poulsen / Pressenytt

Four Ways to Turn the Noise off
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